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Based in Atlanta, GA, ZeXpert offers not only exceptional DJ services but also top-notch audio engineering and music mastering expertise. Elevate your music to new heights with our unparalleled creativity and technical finesse.

Zain Jafari DJ in Atlanta GA

A Little About Me

Zain Jafari, the driving force behind ZeXpert, is an accomplished DJ and a maestro of audio engineering, music mastering and sound design. His journey into the world of music began at a young age when he transformed ordinary household items into makeshift instruments, sparking a lifelong passion for creating captivating sounds. Today, Zain runs his own audio engineering and music composition studio and music has remained a constant presence throughout his life.

As a firm believer in the power of education, Zain pursued a Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts from the prestigious Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). It was during his time at SCAD that he honed his skills and developed a deep understanding of music production and sound design. Armed with this knowledge, he set out to make a mark in the world of audio with his unique blend of creativity and technical finesse.

A Symphony of Expertise

Zain's proficiency in various areas, including engineering, post-production, mixing, recordings, editing and synthesis, is truly impressive. He has collaborated with numerous professional musicians and studios, lending his expertise to films, advertisements and various audio projects. Zain's passion for innovation and his dedication to delivering exceptional music and sound quality have earned him a reputation for excellence in the industry.

But that's not all—Zain has an alter ego known as ZeXter, an artist persona specializing in techno and progressive house. ZeXter's innovative approach to music and DJing has led him to perform in multiple venues worldwide, electrifying audiences with his magnetic energy and unmatched talent. As a DJ, ZeXter takes pride in setting the perfect ambiance and keeping the energy high, ensuring that everyone on the dance floor has a memorable experience.

DJ Services

Event DJ Services

Book our DJ services for your event. We specialize in private events, corporate gatherings, weddings, and more. Tailoring the music to your preferences, we ensure your event is a hit.

ZeXter Set

Book us for a DJ set that reflects our signature techno and progressive house style. Whether you're a promoter, club owner, or wish to have us on for a festival, we bring your event to life with our set.

Equipment Rental

Get the gear you need, hassle-free by renting out our top-notch speakers, mixers, microphones, and more for short-term use. Get in touch with us to check out what’s available

Live Sound

Hire us to set up and manage the sound system and soundboard to ensure crystal-clear sound at your event.

Elevating Your Music - Audio Services

At ZeXpert, Zain’s passion for music and sound takes center stage and the services offered reflect his commitment to excellence. With audio services designed to elevate your music to new heights, we provide you with an exceptional audio experience to captivate your audience.

Mixing (Music Only)

Immerse your listeners in a harmonious blend of sounds as we combine individual track channels to create a perfectly balanced and sonically captivating mix.

Mastering (Music Only)

The final touch of perfection awaits as we balance the elements in your mix and optimize it for multiple platforms, such as CDs or streaming services, ensuring your music reaches its full potential.

Session Musician For Hire

We’re at your service, ready to record and perform various instruments for select studio sessions or live performances.

Audio Cleanup

Say goodbye to pesky and unneeded frequencies as we fix the audio of your videos, songs, DJ mixes, and podcasts using cutting-edge noise reduction and EQ techniques.


If you find yourself in a studio or software conundrum, fear not! Our expert troubleshooting assistance is just a call away, ready to provide professional help when you need it most.

Instrument Tracking

We lend our expertise to fellow musicians, helping them record their instruments for songs, adding that extra flair and finesse to their compositions.

Studio Assistance

If you're new to the studio or unfamiliar with setting up equipment, our studio assistance service provides valuable guidance, ensuring your studio is optimized for the best sound production experience.

Crafting Immersive Experiences - Post Production Services

At ZeXpert, our passion for creativity extends beyond music and sound. Our post-production services are designed to elevate your projects to a whole new level, turning ordinary content into extraordinary masterpieces that engage and captivate your audience.

Full Package

Experience the magic of a full post-production sweep that includes all the essential post services, meticulously perfecting every aspect of your project.

Individual Post Service

Tailor-made brilliance awaits as you select the specific post services you require, ensuring your project receives the personalized touch it deserves.

Dialogue Editing

Let your spoken words flow effortlessly as we expertly edit clips of dialogue audio, ensuring seamless placement, finding fill and smoothing out transitions to create a captivating storytelling experience.

Sound FX Editing

Editing clips of sound effects (designed, recorded, or pulled from library) for motion picture or soundscape. Can be used for motion pictures.

Backgrounds Editing

Capture the essence of every environment as we record, create, or find audio of background ambiance, meticulously editing clips to match the environment and ambiance each background sound represents, always in stereo.

Music Editing

Infuse emotion and rhythm into your motion pictures or audio with our expert music editing service. We cut, edit, and place music audio clips, seamlessly blending them with your visuals for a harmonious fusion of sound and vision.


We take all the different categories of audio for film and individually engineer each track to make the entire project sound clean and balanced. Engineering tracks with Plugins and Software. Mixing Music, Dialogue, Sound FX, Foley Recordings, Backgrounds, and ADR Recordings to make the full production sound clean and balanced.


The final step of perfection, our mastering service sweeps through your project, optimizing it for public release on various platforms, ensuring your content shines and resonates with your audience.

Harmonizing Your Creativity - Music Composition Services

Let ZeXpert be the driving force behind your musical journey. Our music composition services are designed to elevate your creativity and bring your vision to life.

Track Production

From producing and recording individual songs to creating captivating music that resonates with your audience, our track production service ensures each note and beat is carefully crafted.

Album Production

Embark on a musical adventure with our album production service. We produce and record a collective album of songs that represent your unique style and storytelling.


Unleash the power of music in your motion pictures. Our scoring service provides original music production and recording for a wide range of visual media, including TV shows, indie films, documentaries, feature-length films, animations, video games and more.

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